Sunlight Employment Agency

Our mission and vision

Mission Bringing joy and happiness to each family
Vision To be customer's most respected brand of Employment Agency and target over 50% of the market share.
Core Value Cusyomer First
Can-do attitude
Continuous Improvement

Company background

Sunlight is established in 1996. We have over 20 years of experience and have provided matching services to over 100,000 families. Sunlight is one of the largest employment agencies in Hong Kong.

Sunlight Employment Agency, with solid strength, have in total more than ten branches in Hong Kong , Kowloon and New Territories; closely cooperates with a number of large-scale training centers in Indonesia and Philippines; and have direct and strict selection of FDH in local areas; what's more, we have constructed our own training centre in North Point. All of these are serving for one purpose: to provide customers with comprehensive after-sales and follow-up services and make the employers at ease during employment.

Computerized selection for domestic helpers

Sunlight updated its computer system and became Hong Kong's first Employment Agency which provides customers with fully computerized domestic helper selection. Customers can, in the most accurate, most convenient and most efficient method, select domestic helpers in each branch of Sunlight or at home and can also refer to the domestic helper application status on Sunlight's website, fully experiencing Sunlight's pursuit for high quality. The agency has also fully computerized its the daily operation and enhanced communications between departments, thereby reducing the time for domestic helpers to arrive in Hong Kong and reducing the occurrence of errors, so that the employed domestic helpers can arrive in Hong Kong within the expected time.
Comprehensive after-sales service

Sunlight provides follow-up services to ensure that customers can receive comprehensive post-employment support. We will regularly call the customer to follow up the performance of domestic helpers and provide translation and counseling services. If necessary, we can provide additional training to the domestic helper. Employers who face employment issues, or questions about labor laws, please call any of our branches, and we will be happy to serve you.

Independent translation and counseling department
Provide immediate call and text translation, and counseling services for domestic helper to enhance communication and promote the employment relationship.

Translation and counseling service
Service Hour: from 9:30am on Monday to 7:30pm on Sunday.

Following up of the performance of employed domestic helpers
Translator will actively contact the employer and maid to follow up the performance of the domestic helper, to provide timely support for employers and make them at ease.

Professional training for domestic helpers: VCD series
Exclusively produced by Sunlight, a series of training album well-prepared for employers, and convenient for employers to teach domestic helpers at home.

Free training course in Hong Kong
Every week, different training courses are provided free-to-charge to domestic helpers to further improve domestic helpers’ quality.

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