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How to deal with FDH?

Due to differences in lifestyle and religious and cultural backgrounds, it is prone to appear misunderstanding between maids and employers and this will lead breakdown of employment relationship. Therefore, to maids who first arrived in Hong Kong, employers need to patiently co-ordinate with maids to reach a state of mutual respect, which will them to get along harmoniously and happily.

  How to deal with FDH?

Give adaptation period

Just as the so-called "every village has its own unique traditions", it is no easy task for maids with different living habits and cultural backgrounds from us to soon adapt to the new environment. Therefore, it would be better for employers to give the maids a adaptation period of 3-4 months, allowing the maids to learn step by step and to gradually meet your requirements.

Supply sufficient basic treatment

Employers, just through providing sufficient basic treatments, can order the maid to work as they expect.

  1. Adequate meal
  2. Enough sleeping
  3. Praise first and teach second

For example: after cooking, maids will let employers eat first and will not take the initiative to start a dish. Employers can take the initiative to do so and give it to the maids, which indicates employers' respect to maids and makes the maid feel that she is not to eat food left over and further adds a sense of belonging on the maids!

Make work guidelines

Employers may according to their personal habits make work schedule for the maids, listing the work items and requirements; explain for one time when maids work so that the maids can understand their work and reduce mistakes in work. Maids with clear guidelines and understanding your requirements will work more smoothly.


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