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Sunlight Employment Agency is committed to provide the highest standards of private household employment service. We closely cooperate with local large training centers in Philippines and Indonesia, interviewing foreign domestic helper and strictly in choosing those domestic helpers with rich experience, good characters and enthusiastic attitudes for employers' selection.

To insure the future working qualifications, most of the overseas domestic helpers introduced by Sunlight Employment Agency complete a series of domestic helper training course in local training centre. The training contents include training Cantonese, baby care, elderly care, housework internship, etc., and teaching family living habits in Hong Kong, so that the domestic helpers can integrate into the work as soon as possible.

Besides professional overseas training, the Sunlight Employment Agency also provides foreign domestic helpers with on-the-job training in Hong Kong.

Training centre

Sunlight maids training centre, personally set in Hong Kong and with a simulated Hong Kong's home environment, make foreign domestic helpers study more efficiently

Address: 1/F, Chaton House, 100-104 Tsat Tsz Mei Road, North Point. (North Point MTR Exit B3)

Training course

All maids employed through Sunlight Employment Agency will be free to participate in our 2-year training course in Hong Kong. The course covers Chinese cuisine, baby care, Cantonese, household guides and home safety, taught by and immediately demonstrated and guided by experienced instructors to fully enhance the qualifications of maids to meet the requirements of employers in Hong Kong.

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Registration methods

Course places are limited, for exact details, please contact your sales consultant, or during office hours dial our customer service hotline.

Customer service hotline: (852) 2746 0711
Office hours: 09:00 – 18:00
(except Sat., Sun. & holidays)

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