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Statutory labor holiday in 2017



Hong Kong




1st - The first day of January
28th - Lunar New Year’s Day
30th - The third day of Lunar New Year
31st - The fourth day of Lunar New Year

1st - New Years Day
2nd - Shared Public Holiday (New Years Day)
28th - Chinese New Year
1st - New Year's Day
2nd - Special non-working day after New Year
28th - Chinese Lunar New Year's Day



- 25th - People Power Anniversary



28th - Bali Hindu New Year



4th - Ching Ming Festival

14th -Good Friday
24th - Ascension of the Prophet Muhammad

9th - The Day of Valor
13th - Maundy Thursday
14th - Good Friday
15th - Black Saturday


1st - Labour Day
30th - Tuen Ng Festival

1st - Labor Day
11th - Waisak Day
25th - Ascension Day of Jesus Christ

1st - Labor Day


- 1st - Pancasila Day
25th - Hari Raya Idul Fitri
26th - Hari Raya Idul Fitri
27th - Shared Public Holiday (Lebaran)
28th - Shared Public Holiday (Lebaran)
29th -Shared Public Holiday (Lebaran)
30th - Shared Public Holiday (Lebaran)
12th - Independence Day


1st - Hong Kong Special Adminstrative Region Establishment Day

6th - Joint Holiday After Idul Fitri
7th - Second Joint Holiday After Idul Fitri



- 17th - Independence Day 21st - Ninoy Aquino Day
28th - National Heroes Day holiday



1st - Idul Adha
21st - Islamic New Year

1st - Id-ul-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice)


1st - National Day
5th - The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival
28th - Chung Yeung Festival
31st - Special non-working Day




1st - All Saints' Day
30th - Bonifacio Day


22nd - Chinese Winter Solstice Festival  OR
25th - Christmas Day

 (at the option of the employer)
1st - Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad
25th - Christmas Day
26th - Shared Public Holiday (Christmas)
25th - Christmas Day
30th - Rizal Day
31st - New Year's Eve


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